akisstooquick (akisstooquick) wrote in fish_fears101,

alright well i do infact have a fish story to share with you guys.

okay it happened about 2 years ago in what is known as lake st.clair. i was fishing with my dad on his boat, and there he went catching a big fish (not sure which kind). he reeled it in and it was the most discusting thing ever. it had huge eyes, slimey scales, and was bleeding from the mouth. from that point on i decided i hated fish and i would never, ever touch one. about two hours later while tanning on the back of the boat, my brother this time caught a fish and decided to rub it on me as a joke! dude i fucking flipped out and stepped on that damn fish. i sqeezed its fucking brains out. I HATE FISH. later that evening we ate at red lobster. end.
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