Rivkah (___rinsowhite) wrote in fish_fears101,

Whoa boy, I sure do hate fish. They're so floppy, and the eyes, and the pop pop popping of their freaky little mouths... gross! All my friends laugh at me for being so freaked out by fish, they'll tell me stories about going fishing and wait for me to get all squeaky and yell at them, then they laugh and laugh. Assholes. I used to have creepy dreams about fishies falling on me from the sky or about being thrown into the ocean and fish coming up to me saying "This is our domain, you gon' get bit!" then biting me and flopping all around. Eeeuurrghhh, fishies go away! But they really do taste amazing. I can eat tuna as long as I don't think about it, and I can eat cooked fish as long as it's in the form of nuggets instead of the whole dead fish laying there. Shit, I mean even if you're not scared of fish, how can you take your fork and just stab away at a dead animal on your plate? It'd be like taking a dead baby pig, putting it in the oven, and tossing it on a plate and eating it. Chomp chomp, motherfucker! Who would do that? Same with fish. Gross gross gross.

Hahahahaha OMG I just realized the last post was in 2004. Hahaha.
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