Sunshine Sally (happylinds13) wrote in fish_fears101,
Sunshine Sally

Wow, I never thought there would be a community for people who hate fish. Well its coolthat I found it because I also HATE fish. But its not only fish, I think that all things from the sea are just disgusting and scary except for like, dolphins. Everything about fish just totally grosses me out and scares me. The smell horrible, they are super slimy,and just in general, SUPER SCARY. But I know I'm telling all of you what you already know.

I have never reall had an encounter with a fish, but when I was little, I used to eat tuna, until my best friend told me it was actually FISH, and i havent ate it sine, or any other kind of fish or seafood for that matter.

Well I'm done talking about how much I hate fish.

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